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  • Mon - Sat 8:00 am - 8:00 pm. Sunday CLOSED
  • WZ-2C, B1, Janakpuri East Metro Station, New Delhi-110058, India
  • +91-9999880833

About RevMantra Solutions Private Limited

About RevMantra Solutions Private Limited

RevMantra Solutions is committed to the highest quality of excellence in yield management and revenue management products and services. This is achieved through superior quality revenue management technology and world-class customer service, training and support.

RevMantra Solutions provides the easiest to use and most effective suite of patented revenue maximization and forecasting systems available to the worldwide travel and hospitality industry.

  • We're Scientific Driven

State-of-Art Scientific Algorithms & Technology

RevMantra Solutions maximizes the revenue-share of your hotel on online travel agencies by providing smart-price recommendations derived by state-of-art technology & algorithms developed by experts.

  • We're Hoteliers & We know the hotel better

Easy-to-Use Technology in comination with hoteliers experiance

RevMantra Solutions technology & software does not require any setup or training for making precise revenue management on simple to use interfaces designed for hoteliers by reputable industry professionals.

  • We're Flexible & Industry Oriented

Analyzing Competitors & Set the Goal

RevMantra Solutions implements an optimal price strategy for your hotel basaed on collective intelligence by analyzing the market and your competitors without requiring any data from the PMS of your hotel.

  • Advance NEXT GEN Hotel Booking Engine

New and Scintific Booking Engine with Advance Reporting

RevMantra Solutions has a ground-breaking online hotel booking engine for hotel websites providing hoteliers with an array of features that help analyse customer behaviour as to maximize performance and increase revenue.

Our online hotel booking engine optimizes your booking funnel by seamlessly tracking user behaviour all the way from your website to the hotel booking engine with the use of Google Analytics. By understanding user behaviour though your hotel website booking engine, you understand how to optimize click-through rates and drive high conversions.

  • Advance NEXT GEN Hotel Channel Manager

Channel Manager with Dynamic Pricing & Promotions Oriented

We are committed to provide the best hotel channel manager in the market.Regardless of the number of channels you are connected with,our online channel manager effortlessly manages all the channels and your online bookings from one place.Additionally, the single point dashboard helps in avoiding rate disparity and enhances hotel’s online reputation by maintaining favourable relationship with various travel portals.

By using Our Channel Manager you can manage the inventory with a single login.No matter how many channels your hotel is connected with,our OTA synchronizer allows you to instantly distribute entire hotel’s rate and inventory across all the channels.Our system gives you flexibility.

  • 360° Advance Website with Billboard Effect

A Hotel Website that has been Specially designed for Maximum Conversion

Our design team combines creative excellence with technologically-advanced, sophisticated design solutions. Our aim is to bring the vision you have for your hotel brand to life online.

-Responsive themes, customisation or bespoke site design

-Designed around conversion best practice and for mobile selling

-Multivariate testing to ensure your sites converts as best is possible

-Best-of-class inventory showcasing

-Quickly update your inventory and/or offers, including high-res photos with zoom and image gallery features

-Optimised online booking checkout process

  • Ultimate Reputation Management

Manage Hotel Reputation Professionally with our State-of-Art Tools that has unique features.

In the very competitive field of hospitality industry, your online reputation directly affects your sales results.Barely any other industry is likewise affected by the impact of Reputation Management as the hospitality industry. People all over the world and from all age groups use to perform online travel research before booking an accommodation. According to Tripadvisor, 93% of the people find reviews important when determining which hotel they want to stay at. 53% of the people surveyed would not book a hotel without having a guest opinion about it.

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